e-mail marketing

Your brand in front of more than 13,000 readers throughout Latin America!

E-mail marketing is an e-mail message modeled in order to seek a greater impact with the readers. It may be a simple information, special offer, notice or disclosure of an event.

The e-mail marketing is today one of the most efficient tools for communication, using electronic mail.

Communicating with your audience can be instantaneous. Seconds after sending the readers may already be viewing your e-mail marketing. The answer may come at the same speed, that is, is a form of communication that can produce results almost instantaneously.

Book a date for your campaign, we take a great care of our campaign delivery agenda in order not to saturate rthis channel.

Send us an image and a link to your website 

  • Measure of the image width up to 900 X 1200 pixels height
  • The e-mail marketing is personalized
  • The basis is currently composed by 13,000 readers
  • Your e-mail marketing will be sent to all our list which includes Brazil and Latin America.

See below a model of our e-mail marketing: